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Benefits of Commercial HVAC Cleaning

Having your ducts cleaned improves indoor air quality by removing dust and debris from your HVAC system. Having a clean and functioning system can save your business money on energy. Clean ductwork is the first step you should take to have and fresh air for your employees and customers to breathe. The number of allergens in the air will be significantly reduced, allowing people who suffer from allergies to have a safe work environment and focus more on work. Money savings from a clean HVAC system is another benefit of having a clean HVAC system for your business. Optimizing the efficiency of your system through cleaning can result in savings through energy use of up to 20%. Having the entire system professionally inspected, including coils, thermostat, refrigerant, vents, exchanges, motors and fans, is an essential piece of keeping your business HVAC system in top shape.

Sick Building Syndrome & The Role of HVAC

When we talk about commercial businesses and properties and HVAC cleaning, you will often hear the phrase Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) mentioned. SBS is used to describe acute health and comfort effects that occupants in the building experience, which appear to be happening only during the time spent inside of a specific building. You may see these complaints and symptoms localized to only a room or a few rooms in the building, or they may be widespread throughout the building. Symptoms onset at the entrance into a specific building/room and relief happens soon after the occupants leave the area.

Common SYMPTOMS of Sick Building Syndrome


Dizziness & Nausea


Eye, Nose, Throat Irritation

CAUSES of Building Syndrome


Poor/inadequate ventilation for the size of the building

Duct Work

Dirty or contaminated ductwork/HVAC systems 


The presence of mold or fungus 


High levels of dust inside the building

Duct Cleaning Process

While the actual HVAC/Duct cleaning process for commercial projects is very similar to home cleaning in terms of the methods and steps, there are other things to consider. Large scale HVAC projects require a game plan. Project lengths can vary from a few hours to a few months. The size and scope of projects are the key elements that will impact the time needed for completion. A review is conducted with all of our commercial projects. The summary includes the expectations and desired outcomes for both the customer and Ducky Ducts.

Your HVAC professional’s first step is to document and outline the work’s entire scope to be completed as well as the steps so that you know what to expect from the project.  

Before any cleaning is started, the technicians will place protective coverings over items in the building that could be impacted by dust and debris during the cleaning process. 

The HVAC cleaning professional will utilize any existing service openings whenever possible to conduct the cleaning process. In some situations, when the service openings are not available or adequate, it may be necessary to access the ductwork through the ceiling tiles.  

The ductwork is cleaned internally using brushes, compressed air nozzles and vacuums to dislodge and remove dirt and contaminants. This includes cleaning louvers, dampers and insulation.   

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