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A Clean Dryer Vent Is a Safe Home

Why Clean Your Dryer Vent

Dryer duct and vent cleaning are essential pieces to remember when we talk about in-home duct cleaning and maintenance. When we refer to the dryer vent, we are referencing the tube that runs from the dryer to the outside of the house. A buildup of lint in the dryer tube can hinder airflow. Cleaning your dryer vent improves the efficiency of your dryer by removing lint and allowing increased airflow. Clothes will dry faster and you use less energy. When lint builds up in a dryer vent, you have an increased risk of fire, so cleaning it out is very important to your family’s safety.

Increase Efficiency of Dryer

Clothes Dry Faster

Reduce Risk of Fire

Potential HAZARDS To A Clogged Dryer Vent

There are many hazards associated with a dryer vent that has not been cleaned and is clogged. The dryer vent’s job is to allow warm or hot air along with moisture to escape from the dryer while it is running and to do the job of drying clothes. If there is a large amount of lint and dust built up in the vent, either inside or outside the home, this will impair the machine from doing its job correctly. 

Numerous risks happen if the vents aren’t cleaned properly and regularly. The most significant danger is fire. If your dryer vent gets clogged and is filled with lint, the risk of fire more than triples compared to a clean and correctly functioning dryer vent. With a clogged vent, the appliance will have to work harder to exhaust the warm moist air out of the home. During the process, the dryer will be using more energy trying to push the hot air out of the pipe that is clogged with lint. These are the perfect conditions for a fire to ignite. The only way to overt these dangers is to clean your dryer vent. The only way to ensure that the vent is completely and thoroughly cleaned is to get it done by a professional.


There are many benefits of cleaning your dryer vents. It will make your dryer more energy efficient. Clothes will dry faster, which in the long run will also save you money. It will also save you tons of time for drying your clothes. When dryer vents are clogged, and airflow is restricted, it takes more time to dry your clothes. Clean vents make for much quicker drying times. Another significant benefit of cleaning your dryer vent is extending the life of your dryer. When the vents are clean, this helps your machine work at maximum performance. When your dryer is performing its best, it will last much longer.

Yes, spending anywhere from $75-$200 on dryer cleaning is entirely worth it. Depending on the length of the vent and the severity of the clog will determine the price. The benefits and safety you will receive after cleaning vents are something that you cannot achieve by cleaning them yourself.

 Cleaning your dryer vents can have a significant impact on the efficiency of your machine. The #1 reason dryers are struggling to dry loads of laundry is blockage or build-up of lint or dust in the dryer vents. The more airflow from your dryer through the vents, the quicker laundry will dry, thus making your dyer much more efficient.

A few telltale signs that you should pay attention to that can signal your dryer vents need cleaning. First, be aware of any burning smell. If you smell this, turn your dryer off immediately. You should call a professional to check out and clean the vents. If clothes take a long time to dry, the vents are likely clogged and not working efficiently. If you can see lint near and around the outside vent opening or there is a build-up in the vent, it should be cleaned. When your clothes come out of the dryer and they are extremely hot to the touch, this is a sign that the dryer is not venting correctly. Lastly, if your dryer vents haven't been cleaned in a year or more, it's a good idea to call a professional to check and clean the vents.

To thoroughly clean your dryer vents, you should hire a professional. Professional companies have the correct equipment to get into all of the nooks and crannies of your vents. It collects in places you cannot see or reach, and a professional can remove it. Professional cleaners know the way that a dryer system should work. They know the correct replacement pieces, such as replacing flexible foil and plastic vents with smooth-sided metal vents, which gives lint less surface area to stick on. They will remove blockages, clean out the lint collected in your dryer, and ensure your duct hood flap is closing correctly.

Dryer lint build-up is a more considerable fire hazard than you may think. The primary reason for dryer fires is lint and fuzz accumulating inside of dryer vents. Cleaning your dryer vents will remove this build-up and reduce the risk of fires starting inside your dryer and vents. Hiring a professional to clean your vents is a good practice to prevent fires from starting in your dryer and vents.

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Why Hire a Professional: Professional dryer vent cleaning V.S. DIY 

There are many do it yourself vent cleaning kits on the market. Most of the kits on the market consist of a long flexible brush that you connect to an electric drill. The brush then spins and you insert it into the vent to clean up excess lint and build up. The DIY kit for at-home use can be cheaply made and the brushes can break or snap, leaving part of the brush inside the vent. The brushes included in the at-home kits are frequently not long enough to thoroughly clean the entire vent. In this case, it leaves behind lint and buildup that could cause a fire. Lastly, with many of the do it yourself kits, you can damage your dryer vent if you do not know what you are doing or what you are looking for when cleaning. When hiring a professional vent cleaner, they have the correct brushes and equipment to quickly, safely and thoroughly clean your dryer vent. The vacuum system will carefully remove all lint and dust and prevent it from entering your home. The brushes and compressed air tools that are used will reach the entire length of vents, ensuring that all lint and debris are removed. Hiring a professional to clean your dryer vents ensures that cleaning and inspecting are done correctly and safely to prevent lint buildup that could cause fires.  

dryer vent cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

Our first step is to locate the outside dryer vent, turn on the dryer, and assess the current airflow. 

 Our professional technicians use compressed air tools and rotating brushes to thoroughly clean out the entire length of the dryer vent. This may be done from the outside or the inside, or a combination of both.

Once cleaned, the technician will assess the airflow again to see that it has improved. They will also clean up any mess created, inside or out.