dryer vent repair

Everything You Need To Know About Repairing Your Dryer Vent

You use your dryer many times a week, depending on your household. But do you think about the wear and tear using your dryer takes on the vent system? Your dryer vent system works hard collecting lint, exhausting outside of the home, and keeping your clothes free from damage. How do you know when to call a professional for repairs? 

If you start to notice some of the following things happening with your dryer/vent system, you should call a professional: 

  • You notice the drying time is longer than usual, and clothes are still wet after an entire drying cycle
  • There is a buildup of lint in or around your vent system 
  • You see damage visible or noticeable with the duct/vent
  • If the humidity in your laundry is much higher than you normally experience
  • If you pull out your dryer and see the dryer duct is missing 

If you consider a DIY approach to vent cleaning or repair, some options are on the market. Yet, there is a chance that you will do more harm than good when trying to do it yourself. Ripping the vent tube often happens with the DIY options, and then you are looking at more replacement parts. Sometimes homeowners don’t correctly identify the problem, and you may spend more money replacing parts that dont need replacing. Calling a professional is the ideal solution to make sure the issue is resolved quickly.

Depending on the identified problem, there may be different pieces of your dryer vent that may need fixing. 

If there is a leak, then the professional may need to replace the dryer vent duct. Leaks may also signify that the joint connections where the vent meets the dryer and the vent exits the home may need to be secured. The system needs repairs to keep it up and to run efficiently for daily use. 

A buildup of lint in the dryer vent/duct line or hood exhaust to the home’s exterior may indicate that you need a professional to clean the entire vent. Fire hazards exist when there is lint in the system. Calling a professional to inspect and clean is the best way to ensure the system functions safely and correctly. 

Sometimes dryers are installed with improper equipment or are missing the venting systems completely. In this case, hiring a professional to install the entire system is the easiest way to get the system up and running quickly. 

The cost to hire a professional varies depending on the repair. Including labor, parts, and venting type, our minimum price is $250. We charge $25 per foot with a 10ft minimum.

Keep in mind that you should immediately call a professional when you identify a repair for your dryer duct. You may be able to avoid the cost and headache of a full-blown replacement job. Repairing your dryer duct instead of going through the process to replace your dryer ducts can usually take less time. Your dryer will be back up and running at full capacity.