reducing home allergies

Reducing Allergies In Your Home

Combat Allergies in Your Home With the Phenomenal Aire Unit 


Reducing allergens in your home is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some common contaminants found in indoor air include Mold, Pollen, Dust, Bacteria, odors from smoke, food or garbage, and viruses. 

Indoor air measured at two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Poor indoor air quality poses adverse health effects. Removing contaminants with the Phenomenal Aire will improve indoor air quality, and having good, clean indoor air quality is a significant benefit to your health. Your HVAC system takes in the air and then puts it back out into your home or office. Pollutants will occur in any indoor space with people, pets, chemicals, cooking, and poor ventilation.

The HVAC system circulates the air through its system 5-7 times each day. Each time the filters clean the air. By adding the Phenomenal Aire System you will guarantee that your indoor air quality is clean and free of pollutants.  

Most properties are designed to be draft-free and closed. This makes sense when you consider energy efficiency. While it makes it easier for heating and cooling, it is difficult to remove pollutants in the air. Taking active steps to purify the air is critical. This includes installing an indoor air quality system like the Phenomenal Air unit.

The Phenomenal Aire uses cold plasma generator technology. This technology neutralizes and removes harmful elements in your indoor air. As oxygen passes through the unit’s plasma field, positive and negative ions are created. Needlepoint Clusters generate billions of ions at the unit every second. The ions move into the building space through your HVAC system, where they begin to scrub your air clean. 

Some of the many benefits of the Phenomenal Aire system are:

  • It is a SAFE product. It cleans the air naturally without using any harmful chemicals
  • It removes odors and allergens in your home or business
  • The size of the unit is smaller and compact, so it fits in any existing HVAC system 
  • It is easy to install by any HVAC technician
  • The unit does not need any replacement parts
  • The unit is tested and proven to reduce up to 99.9% of COVID-19 
  • It eliminates volatile organic compounds and smoke 
  • It Deactivates bacteria, viruses, and mold particles in the ductwork and the living/working spaces

Are you are looking to improve home air quality because of allergies or make your business a cleaner, safer environment? The Phenomenal Aire system is what you are looking for. The technology improves indoor air quality, reducing viruses, mold, and allergy-related symptoms. With no frequent, costly replacement parts, homeowners and business owners save. In comparison to other indoor air quality solutions, Phenomenal Aire is affordable. Phenomenal Aire can reduce the stress on your HVAC system for commercial spaces. This will lower your energy bill month after month.

So what are my next steps? Contact your Ducky Ducts to schedule an inspection and an installation of the Phenomenal Aire system. The cost is upfront and maintenance, and upkeep is minimal once the unit is installed. Keeping your family or patrons safe, healthy, and productive is essential to living a whole and healthy life.